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The onset of January is not only associated with new year but also the freezing cold which might not always be healthy for us. The dropping mercury poses severe damage to the skin more than what is visible to us. We are not only going to tell you about the effects of winters on the skin but also suggest tips for healthy winter skin. Home remedies for skin in winters might work for most of us as they are more natural and non-reactive. But, for obvious reasons all of us can’t rely upon them all the time. All you have do is spare 5 minutes to read this piece for the sake of your skin, if not anything else.

How winters makes your skin dry?

There remains many reasons for flaky and dry skin in winters. The humidity in the air drops and it is accompanied with cold air. This causes the moisture present in the skin to dry up resulting in flaky and dry skin. Adding on to this, people stay in direct contact of heat whether through electric heaters, air blowers, radiators and fire which again causes itchiness, redness and dry skin. The intake of water of on an average reduces which is one of the major reasons for moisturized skin.

Chapped lips are another major problem with which each one of us struggles during winters. So much so that applying lip balm becomes a repetitive activity. The skin of lips are much more sensitive to skin leading to constant dryness and flakiness. The absence of oil glands on the lips and thinner skin of the lips are reasons for this dryness and flakiness.


After understanding the causes of skin damage during the winters, it is evident that one must keep the skin moisturized. But what becomes a problem is the short span of time during which the moisture remains intact. It thus, becomes important to look for remedies which could run for a while. Since many of us struggle with sun and pollution too along with the cold, what we need is a skincare routine which needs to be strictly followed. How to take care of skin in winters is majorly if not totally different from skin care during summers. Winter skincare products are different and available in variations. Few of the tried and tested remedies that I would personally suggest are listed below:

Pro tips to take care of skin in winter:

  • Apply Coconut oil after face wash once a day. But I would only suggest this if your skin is extremely dry. If you have oily skin, coconut oil might just makes it greasy, which is obviously not desired generally.
  • Aloe Vera gel does wonders for your skin. Cut fresh aloe vera from your garden or purchase the packaged available in market and apply before sleeping. It not only moisturizes thoroughly but also leaves a subtle glow. It is advisable to all the skin types.
  • Dairy products such as milk, buttermilk and yoghurt are also known for their moisturizing abilities. You can mix one of these products with gram flour if you want better results.
  • Apply white egg with fuller’s earth or chickpea flour. It not only tightens skin pores but also removes access sebum. It nourishes as well as moisturizes.
  • Habits for healthy winter skin are absolutely necessary to maintain in order to get a healthy and moisturized skin along with the skincare routine chosen by you according to the needs of your skin in winters.
  • Drink ample amount of water. Water is responsible for the moisture present in your skin. Intake of adequate water not only helps with the moisture of the skin but also for the glow.
  • Eat fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. They provide nutrients good for the skin.
  • Sit in sunlight. Vitamin D is really effective for good skin and what is better than sitting in sunlight in winters!

Final Words

Home remedies are effective to a very large extent but if you have a busy life, it becomes difficult to catch up with your winter skin care routine, that’s when parlor services come handy. They might be a bit expensive but they are worth the money. Not only one gets immediate results but also the knowledge about one’s own skin, the products suitable to their skin and further tips to maintain the immediate results.