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Salons during lockdown

What is the situation in India due to lockdown? Is it safe, go to the salon open near me?

A special train carrying 1,150 workers reached Odisha on May 3rd, 2020. The scenario in India is such that this news came as a ray of hope, not only for the stranded workers in different parts of the country, stuck in their locations post lockdown, but also for the people who are safe and sound at their homes as a sign of the onset of normalcy.

But how long is it going to take for things to get back on track? As far as the stats are concerned, a long way to go and rightly so. Only those living under the rock are unaware of the adversity of the United States, Italy and many more.

It is a Pandemic spread across the globe, but it hits right in the spot when we read, 212 countries and territories and 2 international conveyances have been affected by the COVID-19. There have been a total of 3,497,169 cases reported so far globally. If we talk about India, whose population shares 17.7% of the world, it is early measures have helped to somewhat keep it under control relatively with 39,380 cases reported so far.

Government has pushed in Lockdown Phase - 3 across the nation, thus providing some relaxation in certain areas whereas some regions are not exempted at all for the safety of everyone.

Although as I write this article I am being constantly troubled by my haywire hair who can not be tamed anymore. Well, this is one of the byproducts of the lockdown. Since, only selected govt. Organizations, medical facilities and household necessities are up and running, salons and stylist services are also not operational at the moment, Those who had thought of growing hair for their desired look are being bogged down by the surplus of it, whereas some people are challenging stylists in salons by taking the scissor in their hand. Apart from a few lucky ones, others are regretting their decision already and to fix it there are no salons near their areas. I can't wait for salons near me to open and welcome me to their services so that I feel light about it. Having said that, this is a long battle and we have to adhere to the guidelines of the lockdown for our own good and thus will have to wait for some time to visit salons near me.

Salons open in Delhi now. Delhi Gov has allowed salons to open under Unlock The safety concern is still there as coronavirus doesn't seem to be going away as cases are still on the rise. So, how does one make sure of safety at salons? Many salons have taken many steps to ensure complete safety like salons listed under Zalonin are being regulated with all the precautions like wearing masks, gloves and other protective covering, regular sanitization of staff, tools and the physical space itself, making sure to track and regulate customers through Zalonin app.

Moreover, since the salons in Delhi are open after more than 2 months, a lot of rush at salons is expected but worry not, with Zalonin app, people are able to make salon appointments online and skip the long line or rush at salons.

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What is a lockdown and why is lockdown important? How is the salon industry affected by lockdown?

benifits of pre booking of salon during lockdown

But, what is a lockdown and what are their guidelines? Adjusting it to today’s time and needs, lockdown is cover which saves us from open fire of COVD-19. As we all know, Covid-19 spreads via various ways, direct contact, coughing or sneezing by the infected person being the major ones. So, lockdown helps us to stay at our safe households and prohibits us from any kind of social arrangement where we could be in touch with an infected individual. Social Distancing is the agenda of the lockdown, where we distance ourselves from people for our as well as the other person's safety as well.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that assuming that you are in touch with an infected individual, then even if you don't get affected which is highly unlikely, you may become a carrier of the virus and may infect a lot of people around you. No wonder, the nation has been urged to stay in their house to practice social distancing in lockdown.

First phase of lockdown was initiated on March 24th, 2020, when our Honorable Prime Minister came live and shared the news with the entire nation. PM Modi urged the nation to stay strong and together in these hard times. He insisted that it’s going to be tough but a necessary measure for the greater good. International organizations like WHO have appreciated the timely call of PM Modi due to impose lockdown in order to control the virus spread.

This lockdown has allowed people to test a lot of their survival skills. Many have turned chefs in no time thanks to online cooking videos whereas a lot of them picked up their painting brush. Even knitting and embroidery have come back in fashion, but one skill is yet to be commanded, i.e self-grooming. A sea of bad haircut videos and posts have been trending on the internet ever since the lockdown has started. Getting oneself a haircut wasn’t the skillset anyone was ready for which is making them miss their salons so badly. One can see big celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Kareena Kapoor giving themselves and their loved ones haircut whereas bangs have become a craze amongst girls. People have started to realize that salons aren’t something you can take for granted.

On the other hand, the salon industry like other sectors is being affected majorly by it. The workers working in these salons are running out of business and money and are afraid of what the future holds for them. With each passing announcement, the salon & spas get hopeful for any kind of relaxation in their industry but there hasn’t been any relaxation in the first phase of lockdown So no salons are allowed to open in lockdown phase-1.

The phase 2 of Lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Modi in a video message from April 14th, 2020 to May 3rd, 2020. PM Modi congratulated the nation for showing resilience in tough times and motivated the country to stick to the guidelines of the lockdown. In order to show support and unity, a couple of gimmicks like banging thalis to lighting candles were done in the entire nation, with small repercussions as well but majorly under control. PM Modi did announce that post April 20th, there would be relaxation in certain commercial activities subjected to conditions where containment zones in states/UT were still exempted.

A lot of PDFs of govt. Guidelines were floating across social media and whatsapps, and people were looking for the services they hold dear to themselves but one section had everyone is attention, i.e salons & spas. Everyone looked up for it that whether it's open or not and to everyone's disappointment it still wasn't. All we had to do in such times was to keep calm and wait for the next announcement which came just on time of the end of the second phase of the lockdown with no relaxation for salon industry and still no salons are open in lockdown phase-2

The third phase of the lockdown has been initiated by PM Modi, from May 3rd to May 17th, 2020. PM Modi did come up with good news for some while the other still had no luck. As per the new notice from PM Modi is office, the nation was divided into different zones, which were as follows:

  • Red Zone: Those with big clusters of infection
  • Containment Zone: High number of cases within Red Zone
  • Orange Zone: Where the pandemic appears to have been reined in
  • Green Zone: No confirmed case in the last 21 days

Relaxation of the services are done as per the services. While the travel bloggers will still have to wait for some time since all sorts of modes of transport namely by Air, Road or Metro (just in case) are still a NO for all the zones, there is great news for those into supply of goods as it;is allowed in all zones.

Talking about those who started as a young fresher in college with chocolate boy look, trimmed hair and beard and look like a final year student with dreadlocks, there’s some silver lining for sure as the salon services have been given a green signal to Green & Orange zone. These are the lucky ones who are going to the nearby salons and then flood the instagram with their new found look. On the other hand those in the red and containment zone, there’s still a lot of time before they could sit on the chair of the salon near them and get their desired look.

Different phases of lockdown have only helped us to keep things under control, thus it won't be a surprise if it is extended any further. But how are things going to be in case it is extended? If people are able to find purpose, then well and good otherwise it is going to come out in one way or the other. With new trends of hair and skin care routine coming in, one can totally imagine things going south.

After a lot of speculation and anticipation, about what's going to happen after Lockdown 3.0! Will it be extended? Or is it the end of the lockdown?

Among all these, there were 2 major groups who were hitting their nails over it. Salons & Customers who aren't recognizable anymore (not really). Although people were debating whether the salons will be opened up as an essential service or not, Govt.

finally gave a green signal to them for opening up their salons. A lot of states and cities (namely - Banglore, Bhopal, Gurgaon etc.) have started opening salons in their areas under strict safety guidelines of the salon. Pictures of stylists wearing PPE Kit, Masks, Gloves while working in a salon can be seen circulating on the internet. Even though, the center has given the local govt. the right to open up sectors as they feel right. Like, Delhi Govt. has still not allowed the salons & spas to open up in the national capital till the end of the Lockdown 4.

This hasn't demotivated the salons one bit but has motivated them to get all the safety essentials right for providing salons and their client's immunity from COVID-19. This has set up the stage for new-age ways of going to the solon to experience a safe grooming experience.

Benefits of pre booking of salon open near me

Although, it’s a fact that once the lockdown is lifted then people would rush to the salons near their home. I myself would be the first in line to run for the haircut salon open near me. But, is not it going to be the case with everyone? And this will lead to long queues in salons and long waiting periods.

We need to realize that the lockdown is implemented only to avoid social distancing so that the people could not get in touch with the carriers or the infected ones and this would again lead to a bleak possibility of it

Assume that you have to go to a salon tomorrow for a haircut after a long time post the dreaded lockdown. As soon as you reach the salon you see, the seats are already full and there are 5-6 people waiting there for their turn. Earlier in this situation, there used to just one feeling to surround us, i.e Disappointment, that we will have to come back again or wait but now it's accompanied by another feeling of Fear.

Fear of coming in contact with someone who might be infected by COVID-19 or a carrier of the virus! And at that moment, all of this could have been avoided if you knew you are going straight to your booked seat at the salon, enjoy your service under safe precautionary measures, and then come back home.

Well, that's when Pre-booking a salon helps. To quote a few benefits of pre-booking a salon near your home, it would be:

  • Pre-Booking of a Salon is absolutely free of charge. All you have to do is select your favorite salon, select your service, time & date In 4 clicks you have booked a seat at a salon.
  • Hair salon open near you and pre booking helps you to avoid any rush or waiting at the salon, especially in these times where social distancing is a must. With pre booking at hair salon, your salon knows when to expect you and makes the arrangement accordingly. Therefore, all you have to do is to come, show them your booking info, and enjoy the best hair salon experience.
  • We need a salon who practices sanitization, takes proper preventive measures, and treats their customers with safety and grace. All this is possible only when there is no chaos and we follow proper grooming practices.
  • Only if people start to book their seats before coming, then the salon would be well managed and be prepared for the number of people coming to avail their services and meet the requirements and keep their kits ready accordingly.
  • Another advantage of booking your seat beforehand is that you will be able to keep a tab of your visits and services you are taking, thus would be able to make an informed decision.
  • Booking your seats in salons not only helps you but salons as well for efficient management of their salon, and after all the days we have missed them so much, this is the least we can do for our beloved nearby salons.
  • One of the major issue we face even on normal days is to decide on which service to avail other than the basic haircut, waxing, etc. Since we don't know the prices also and what it does, it's difficult and sometimes embarrassing to make a choice, but with pre-booking of the salon, you can easily lookup for any service, their price, how they work and book it simply. No hesitation and simply a smart decision avoiding excessive expenditure.
  • Another thing which often hampers a user experience at the salon is that even while getting a service the stylist often tries to upsell you things you don't want at the moment or are not sure of! Either you turn them down which gets a little awkward or you end up taking it and get bogged down by the unexpected price of these services. Thus, with the help of salon pre-booking, you could simply enjoy the service you have booked for and there is no scope of upselling by the stylist thus you can relax while enjoying your service.
  • Since you have used salon pre-booking for availing the service, We know your requirements, so not only we provide you with the best of services but also offers you amazing after-salon service support, taking your feedback so that when you visit us again, it's services are much better than your last experience.

All in all, there are million reasons to pre-book a salon rather than standing in a queue clueless about the prices, services or stylist. Thus, a wiser option is to know what we are doing and pre book a salon beforehand.

May the COVID-19 leave us in a hurry, so that we could hurry to our nearby salons and pay them a visit super soon.

Why to use zalonin salon post lockdown?

Lockdown will be over soon. Salon seats will be booked beforehand. Do not miss your chance of a grooming session. Book now at zero booking cost with zalonin. Book your salon appointment at corona safe salons near you with Zalonin

  • Each client would be checked at the salon with the use of a touch less Infrared Thermometer gun to check for body temperature.
  • Salons occupancy will run at 50% of the capacity. For eg- Salon with a seating of 6, will entertain only 3 clients at a time.
  • Stylists would offer clients with Alcohol based sanitiser at the beginning and the end of their services.
  • Stylists will be wearing face masks and gloves at all times of the interaction with the client avoiding direct touch.
  • Salon equipment will be sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure the safety of the clients and the staff.
  • Zalonin App will be used to manage data of the clients entering the salon and services availed to keep a track, helpful for the govt. as well as the staff.
  • Use of Arogya Setu app will be mandatory at the salons.
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